For the first time drama actors on a stage of Gold Hall «Musikeverein»

Maria Kulikova and Denis Matrosov

 in Gerd Albrehta's unique project!

Austria Vienna 2003


Holl Musiverein

Maria at a concert with Gerd Albrecht

With the Viennese symphonic orchestra

Maria Kulikova on a stage Musikverein

Denis Matrosov on a stage Musikverein

After a concert

Denis Matrosov - Lensky, Tatyana Titova - the Nurse, Alexander Bobrovsky - Onegin, Maria Kulikova - Tatyana,  and  Anatoly Guzenko - Gremin Austrian Die Presse - in article ""Other" Eugeny Onegin " exclaims: "... Five magnificent Moscow actors, by means of the highest technics of reading and expressive melodies speeches have recreated an authentic Russian atmosphere in Gold hall Musikverein and, thus, have made music Pushkin's verses. More amazing!" 


In a musical-literary composition work: the best orchestras of the world, chorus in which hundred person and drama actors of the Moscow theatres.

You are more detailed about the project can to hear in interview of radio station " Mayak-24 "

On May, 10 2005 in Chajkovsky's concert hall will  take place a premiere of this unique concert in Russia. To conduct the Big Symphonic Orchestra P.I.Chajkovsky's name under V.Fedoseev's management there will be Gerd Albrecht.

 History of the project: In significant 1937 in Soviet Union 100 years from  A.Pushkin's birthday were celebrated. Sergey Prokofjev who one year ago has come back to Russia, has not left this event in the party.  In 1936 S.Prokofjev writes music to three songs on verses of the poet,  works above music to a film "Queen of spades", and also to performances "Eugeny Onegin" (at Chamber small theatre) and "Boris Godunov" (at theatre Mejerhold). But both statements could not be realized. On the night of June, 20, 1939 Mejerhold will arrest in Peter and will send on Lubjanka where on February, 2, 1940 he will be killed. Not the best destiny waited also for Tairov: having avoided death he has been compelled to go through destruction of the theatre created by him, on a twist of fate named «Pushkin».

The planned performance "Eugeny Onegin" has fallen victim to a political arbitrariness: in August 1937 were combinable, aesthetically incompatible collectives of Chamber small and Realistic theatres (the headed N.P.Ohlopkov) that has led to to change of repertoir of theatre. The partita to "Eugeny Onegin" has been put « in a table », and nobody heard long years of this music. The first attempt of "rescue" of music of  S.Prokofjev, undertaken in the fiftieth years Gennady Rozhdestvensky who has created from three products by S.Prokofjev a suite and her named "Pushkiniana".

 But reconstruction of the partita has been finished only by eightieth year when it and was found out by the German conductor, the expert on music of the twentieth century, Gerd Albrecht. He also has lit up idea of statement of the concert version "Eugeny Onegin". Very soon he was convinced that translation into other language is not combined with music S.Prokofjev.Russian executors were necessary for him and he has addressed to Maksimillian Shell which has been married to Russian actress Natalia Andrejchenko. The first attempt of performance, the concert version  "Eugeny Onegin", has taken place in 1989 in Cologne, with participation Andrejchenko, Yankovsky, Zbruev and Petrenko. But Gerd has remained is not pleased. He wanted to hear voices of other Russian actors. Realization of the project has been stopped. Till that time when the destiny has acquainted him with composer Igor Kefalidi whom many years cooperated with the Moscow theatre of Satire and which well knew the Moscow theatre world. At last, all was ready to the first, the most important, a premiere concert in Vienna.

On the eve premieres, after rehearsals, our actors (Maria Kulikova - Tatyana, Alexander Bobrovsky - Onegin, Denis Matrosov - Lensky, Anatoly Guzenko - Gremin, and Tatyana Titova - the Nurse) very much worried. Even having a rest in club and listening a jazz,  spoke about a forthcoming concert, about that as they were struck with Gold Hall «Musikeverein», and about what expects them public. At last, day premieres has come. "Eugeny Onegin" was executed in the second branch of a concert. Applause, ovation spectators after a concert has shown: experiment has taken place, in a tragical history of product of S.Prokofjeva the point, or, more truly, the exclamation mark is put! In fact, only now the life of this great music begins. This music, will cause admiration of spectators in many countries of the world.

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