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The actor of theatre and cinema, the leader on radio and TV.

Was born on December, 10, 1972, in Moscow

By 32 years: Growth - 184 centimeter, Weight - 84 kg. Eyes - gray-blue, Hair - dark.

To receive knowledge to me helped:

1979-1989 at school №34 with the profound studying the English language.

1989-1991 in School - studio of the Moscow Art Academic Theatre (MKhAT) A.Chehov's name at actor's faculty.

1991-1994 in theatrical High School (Institute) M.ShChepkin's name of the Moscow Academic Small Theatre. (actor's skill, N.A.Vereshchenko's class)

Roles in theatrical High School(Institute): Аttilio in performance Saturday, Sunday, Monday author Eduardo De Filippo, Don Pedro in performance Don Hil green trousers author Tirso De Malino, The traitor in performance Fear and poverty of the third empire author Bertold Brecht, Romeo in performance "Romeo and Juliet" author William Shakespeare.

As the person with higher education, in our country, I served in the Russian army only one year 1994-95. But I served not somewhere, and on a stage of the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army (the biggest theatrical stage in Europe).

Then, 1995-2003, at the same theatre worked eight years, but not as the private soldier of army, and the theatrical actor.

Roles at theatre: Lester in performance Your sister and the captive, Emperor Neron in performance "Britanik", Stepan in performance Paul the first, Gustav in performance Lady with camellias, Senya in a musical On a brisk place, Toto in a musical "The wizard of country OZ", and Chippolino in performance "Chippolino".

The desire to be the professional actor in all areas, moved me: at cinema, on TV and radio. But a theatrical stage I do not forget too. Now I play Anton in performance "Piparkukas", the producer center Shelehov and K*, at V.Majakovsky's theatre.

Since February, 2003 I work in the unique project of known German conductor Gerd Albrecht.It is a concert variant "Eugeny Onegin" (A.Pushkin), with S.Prokofjev's music which the composer has written in 1936 for A.Tairov's performance. In a musical-literary composition work: the best orchestras of the world, chorus in which hundred person and drama actors of the Moscow theatres. I already was lucky enough to read party Lenskiy in Vienna in The Gold hall Musikverein with the Viennese Symphonic Orchestra, and in Copenhagen in Danish Radio Concert Hall with the Danish National Symphonic Orchestra.

On May, 10 2005г. In Chajkovsky's concert hall will  take place a premiere of this unique concert in Russia. To conduct the Big Symphonic Orchestra P.I.Chajkovsky's name under V.Fedoseev's management there will be Gerd Albrecht.

You are more detailed about the project can: to read on page and to hear in interview of radio station " Mayak-24 "

Work at cinema: Made in the USSR (photographer Lyoha, director V.Shamshurin) - 1990, Love on a raft (a Mitya-leaging role, director K.Antropov) - 1997, The stop on demand-2 (the card sharper, director Dzhanik Fajziev)-2001, "Yard keeper" (the croupier, the director - G.Shengelija) - 2001, Do not think at all (the croupier - sharper, the director - R.Balttser) - 2002, Two destinies (Vadim's role, the director - V.Krasnopolsky and V.Uskov) - 2002, People and shadows-2" or "The optical deceit" (Vitaly Litovtsev - a leaging role, director A.Vitkin) - 2003, "Present me a life" (Konstantin Sharov - a leaging role, the director - V.Krasnopolsky and V.Uskov) - 2003. Now on a telechannel "Russia" from Monday till Friday at 17.45 (Moscow time) look a serial "Karmelita", where I have played one of leaging roles Anton Astakhov (the director Rauf Kubaev)-2005.

And on a telechannel "STS" on weekdays, in the evenings, at 20-00 (Moscow time) look a serial "The new Russian romance" (painter Sergey Nedelsky a leaging role, the director - A.Prachenko) - 2005.

On TV I work since 1989. Was the leader of the program on the First channel On a visit at a fairy tale . A hit of all times and peoples in our country. Where worked together with Valentine Leontjeva, a legend of our TV. Unfortunately, in 1991, after known Putsch, together with the great country, this program for children has stopped the existence. Having love to the ground, in 1992 has bought 600 square meters of the ground on coast of the river Volga. And at the same time has tried itself in a role of the leader of the teleprogram - Six hundreds (RTR). But eventually, the world of modern technologies involved me more. So, in 1995 I began leaders of television festival of computer graphic art "Tele-Graph". And 2002-2004 worked observer of press on morning channel "Mood" (TVC).

Radio. For the first time I appeared in studio of a sound recording in 1990. And up to 1995 worked on Radio of Russia with director Eugeny Babich from which wrote down children's fairy tales and radio performances. 1999-2002 worked as the leader on radio station "Sport-FM", 2002-2003 worked as the DJ on RDV radio for adults.

Still, all these years, the voice I translated and duplicated many films, cartoon films and computer games. And too, has succeeded in this area of work. For example, I duplicated the Black duck in a known animated cartoon (USA), or in computer game Fish Fredi, I one, different voices, duplicated all 15 characters.

Now, main my work - CINEMA!:)

Denis Matrosov, March 2005



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